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The Freshman Class of Ammo Chiefs

Congratulations to the following who have been selected for promotion to Ammo Chief in the 2011 cycle.

CMSgt(sel) Steven J. Bowersox, ACC/A4WC, Langley AFB VA.
CMSgt(sel) Robert Byrd, 731MUNS/MXW, Aviano AB IT.
CMSgt(sel) Kreg L. Carlson, 4EMS/MSMW, Seymour Johnson AFB NC.
CMSgt(sel) Corey J. Christians, 23EMS/MXMW, Moody AFB GA.
CMSgt(sel) Patrick Collins, ACC IG/IGIM, Langley AFB VA.
CMSgt(sel) Timothy W. Dye, 51MUNS/MXWP, Osan AB Korea.
CMSgt(sel) Ronnie W. Fischer, 28MUNS/MXWC, Ellsworth AFB SD.
CMSgt(sel) Dwight A. Hardy, 354MXS/MXM, Eielson AFB AK.
CMSgt(sel) David K. Knight Jr, 355EMS/MXMW, Shaw AFB SC.
CMSgt(sel) Robert M. Pellosma, 18MUNS/MXM, Kadena AB Japan.
CMSgt(sel) Richard Velasquez, AFGSC/A4MW, Barksdale LA.


ACA General Membership Meeting, 6 November 2010

The General Membership Meeting was held on Saturday, November 6th, Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. The meeting was coincidental with the 6th Bi-Annual Reunion of the ACA. A quorum as required by the Constitution was present for the conduct of business.

The GMM opened with a report on the State of the ACA from President Darrrell Beasley (published separately) Treasurer Danny Bridges reported that the financial balance is $16,942.65 and that an FY2011 budget has been prepared and submitted to the Board of Directors for comment/approval.

Secretary Fred O’Hern noted that a thank you from AFCOMAC for our contributions to the Gauvin Fund has been received; current active membership is 154 (102 life and 36 annual); the ACA is a 501 (c ) 19 tax exempt organization, incorporated as a Not for Profit Florida Corporation, and exempt from Florida Sales Tax.

A motion was made (FO, 2nd LD) to allocate $2,000 in the upcoming budget for the procurement and presentation of Ammo Memorial Plaques at the Enlisted Heritage Museum (Gunter AFS); and the Rocky Mountain Aerospace Museum (Denver, old Lowry AFB hangar). Approved AIF Note: originally $4,000 had been allocated for the plaques at the AF Museum and Armament Museum, $2,137 remains unspent and will be earmarked for these plaques.

Mike Curran motion, 2nd DB that we investigate outsourcing management of the web-site; Dwight Howard to action for the BOD. Approved with AIF Note: Rich McVey was thanked for his efforts at maintaining the site for the last 10 years. The site has recently had problems with virus infection, these appear to have been resolved as Google, Internet Explorer, and AOL now do not block access.

VP Rich Pennington made an appeal for inputs to the upcoming edition of the Shell and Flame; Note: the newsletter will only by mailed to those who do not have an e:mail address.

A proposed change to the Constitution was discussed at length.
The following motion (MG, 2nd MC) passed with all in favor: Extend the term of office the the incumbent President, Treasurer, Chief @ Arms, and two Directors to 31 December 2011 (from 31 December 2010). Thus all current incumbents terms of office will expire 31 December 2011.

A second motion (FO, 2nd DB) to change the constitutional terms of office was approved by majority vote: i.e. Amend the ACA Constitution by establishing the term of office fo all officers as four (4) years; all offices to be elected and serve concurrent terms of office; officers to serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms (for the same position). Note: All members are invited to vote and/or comment on the proposed amendment; please comment not later than 13 December 2010.

The floor gave a hearty round of thanks for the Reunion Committee and in particular to Big John and Doris for their efforts in making this the best Reunion ever.

Fred O’Hern, Secretary, IYA Ammo YAS

PS-All annual members are reminded that annual dues of $25 are payable by 31 Jan 2011.


Presidents Report on State of the ACA

My Fellow AMMO Chiefs, since the last stated meeting of the ACA, we have had a few events and actions that should be reported to the membership. Our Treasurer, Chief Bridges has done an outstanding job in keeping track of our finances. We currently have $16,942.65 in our coffers and the attached CY11 budget is submitted.

Our secretary, Chief O’Hern, has done an outstanding job in keeping the president straight and the current membership of active members is 153 Active Members in good standing; 101 Life (7 Associates, 9 Honorary); 36 Annual (7 Associates). One of our efforts is to continue to solicit membership from the active duty AMMO Chiefs. On a positive note we have had the European members of the ACA request a Chapter Charter but this has been put on hold until the European membership can meet and complete the prescribed documents.

Next, I would like to thank our Vice President, Chief Pennington , for re-energizing the ACA Newsletter, “The Shell and Flame” along with the help of Chief Matthews. This important document will help us keep in contact with our ACA membership and also spread the word of what we have done, can do and need to do to support the AMMO community. I would also like to thank Chief McVey for his continued support over the years to maintain our website…his efforts have been phenomenal and I hope we can find a replacement that can keep up the great work.

One significant event for this period is the establishment of the AMMO Memorial Plaques at the Museums at Wright Patterson AFB and the Eglin AFB, both dedicated to the “AMMO Troops…Past, Present and Future”. The work of Chief Gossett and Chief Long to make these events come to fruition is appreciated by the membership.

Our current challenge is to propose a change to our constitution to determine terms of office for our Board of Directors (BOD). Along with this change we will determine the elections of our next BOD. This proposed change is recommended to stabilize the BOD so they can provide the continuity to help the ACA provide the base for the development of new chapters and new membership.

Finally, I would like to ask each member to look at what the ACA needs to do and what we can do to continue to support of the AMMO Community.

The AMMO Chiefs Memorial Fund, which is the offspring of Grace Hamilton’s request to donate to the AMMO troops after Chief Hamilton’s passing, has provided funds for those AMMO troops who have passed and we will continue this fund with the help of donations from all AMMO Chiefs. We would like to thank Grace for generously supporting and starting the fund.

I want to thank all the BOD and membership for their support and hard work in keeping the ACA the organization it is that will support the AMMO community. We are AMMO and we need to support those who continue our long traditions…IYA AMMO YAS!

Darrell Beasley, President


Ammo Troop Posted to the Great Bomb Dump in the Sky

The AMMO community has been informed that we lost a great Ammo Troop “Kenny Leon Owens” retired Master Sergeant. He passed away Saturday at 4 pm at the age of 54 year olds. His funeral service will be held in Stanford Kentucky, at the Fox Funeral Home (1-606-365-2670), I’ve attached the funeral home website with his contact information, obituary and life history. Please make all contributions on-line to help speed the healing process. Kenny’s wife Debbie can be reached at (1-859-339-2243). The AMMO community will truly miss him. God Bless!


Ammo Airmen support explosive mission

by Senior Airman Melissa B. White 451st Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs 8/30/2010 – KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (AFNS) — Members of a munitions flight here are tasked with building bombs.

It’s a job some might take for granted, or a thought that will never cross the minds of others. ‘Most people seem to think that bombs actually come preassembled, but these Airmen are out here building them with their hands,’ said Master Sgt. Robert Brown, a munitions systems specialist assigned to the 451st Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron Munitions Flight at Kandahar Airfield. ‘People don’t know what it takes to put the bombs together, but we’re out here on a daily basis working around explosives.’

Staff Sgt. Misty Lowe tightens the super bolt while Airman 1st Class Anthony Anderson holds the bomb in place Aug. 23 at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. Sergeant Lowe and Airman Anderson are munitions systems specialists with the 451st Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron Munitions Flight. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Chad Chisholm)

Even though others might look past jobs like theirs, these Airmen understand the importance of their jobs. ‘I think this job has a direct result on the warfighting capability,’ said Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Smartt, a conventional maintenance crew chief with the 451st EMXS. ‘Whenever we build these bombs and the aircrews expend them, we’re taking care of the enemy. It’s satisfying to have such a large impact on the mission.’

Since arriving here in May with the A-10 Thunderbolt II squadron, this munitions flight has supported seven different types of aircraft and built close to 200 bombs.

With at least one more month to go in the flight’s deployment, this group of Airmen has recently increased its bomb output compared to previous months.

‘It just depends on the tempo,’ Sergeant Brown said. The Taliban have stepped up their operations, so we stepped up ours, and we’ve adapted.’

In addition to building bombs, the ammo Airmen are responsible for inspecting all bomb components prior to building, and ensuring the parts don’t exceed the service life. Once they build the bombs, they then deliver the completed munitions to the flightline when needed.
‘It’s very time consuming, and it takes a lot of planning and preparation,’ Sergeant Smartt said.

Ammo Airmen are also responsible for replacing the expended 30 mm round ammunition tubes with new rounds for the A-10s. The Airmen have done this for tens of thousands of rounds throughout their rotation. They also build flares for the aircrews and rebuild them when necessary. ‘Without us they can’t complete their mission,’ Sergeant Brown said.

There is one thing that might be working against this group of Airmen: the heat. However, with temperatures regularly soaring above 110 degrees during summer months, they have found ways to cope with the conditions and work around them. ‘We usually build when it’s cooler– at night or at the beginning or end of the day — because, as you may notice, we don’t have a lot of shade,’ Sergeant Smartt said.

Nothing seems to be slowing them down as they work before sunrise, singing along to the music from the radio as they get the job done. ‘It’s the first time deploying for a lot of these Airmen, and the morale is good,’ Sergeant Brown said. ‘We’re here to complete our mission and to do it safely.’