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Awards and Recognition other than AFCOMAC and AMMO Schoolhouse awards

ACA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Recognizes two Outstanding ACC Ammo Troops

AIC Evan P. Black (Seymour Johnson AFB, NC) ACC Outstanding Munitions Technician, 1st Quarter 2010

TSgt James L. Reed (Langley AFB, VA) ACC Outstanding Munitions Supervisor, 1st Quarter 2010

The AMMO Chiefs Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter extended congratulations to these two outstanding ACC AMMO Troops for winning recognition as the Air Combat Command, Outstanding Munitions Technician and Outstanding Munitions Supervior for the 1st Quarter of 2010.   The ACAMC presented both with ACAMC Certificates of Appreciation, gold ACA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Coins and checks for $50.00 as a small token of the chapter’s appreciation.   It is through the selfless efforts of professionals such as these that makes our Air Force strong.