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After 6 May Veterans can be Buried in the Bomb Dump

Virginia Opens New Veterans Cemetary on land once used as the USA, Radford Army Ammunition Plant…

The Virginia Department of Veterans Services will hold the dedication ceremony for the Southwest Virginia Veterans Cemetery 6 MAY at 10 a.m. The ceremony will be held at the cemetery, located at 5550 Bagging Plant Road , Dublin , Virginia . In case of rain, the ceremony will take place at the Lions Club, 1 Lions Club Road . The Lions Club is directly across Bagging Plant Road from the cemetery. Adrian Cronauer, former U.S. Air Force Sergeant, radio personality, and the inspiration for the movie Good Morning Vietnam, will emcee the ceremony. Speakers will include The Honorable Terrie L. Suit, Virginia‘s Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security, Congressman Morgan Griffith, and State Senator John Edwards. Paul Galanti, Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services and former Vietnam POW, as well as Frank K. Salvas, Sr., Director, State Cemetery Grants Service, National Cemetery Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, will also speak.

The cemetery is located on an 80-acre parcel of land transferred from the Department of the Army, Radford Army Ammunition Plant to the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2008. Initial construction covers 24 acres and includes the main entrance area, full casketed and cremation burial areas, a columbarium, a memorial garden and scatter garden areas, roads, an assembly area, committal shelter, cemetery office, maintenance complex, and supporting infrastructure. Interment areas include 5,167 standard burial plots; 2,750 pre-placed crypts; 500 in-ground cremation spaces; and 625 columbarium niches for cremated remains. Additional grave sites will be added as needed. The Southwest Virginia Veterans Cemetery is Virginia ‘s third state-operated veterans cemetery. The Albert G. Horton, Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery is located in Suffolk and the Virginia Veterans Cemetery is located in Amelia. The cemeteries are operated by the Virginia Department of Veterans Services.

Service members who were honorably discharged qualify for burial in one of Virginia ‘s veterans cemeteries. Members of the National Guard/Reserves who served on federal active duty may also qualify. A grave site, opening and closing of the grave for the veteran, placement of a government grave marker, and perpetual care of the site are provided to the veteran at no charge. Veterans‘ spouses and eligible dependent children may be interred for a small fee, currently $300. For burial info on eligibility and application procedures for the Southwest Virginia Veterans Cemetery refer to [Source: VADVS News Release 26 Apr 2011 ++]

Tricare Young Adult (TYA) Program Now Open for Enrollment

TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) is now open for enrollment with coverage beginning 1 MAY 2011. Uniformed services dependents under 26, unmarried, and not eligible for their own employer-sponsored health care coverage may be qualified to purchase TYA, which offers TRICARE Standard coverage for monthly premiums of $186. A premium-based TRICARE Prime benefit will be available later this year. Dependent eligibility for TRICARE previously ended at age 21, or age 23 for full-time college students. Similar to provisions in the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, TYA extends the opportunity for young adults to continue TRICARE health care coverage, as long as their sponsor is still eligible for TRICARE. Complete information and application forms are available at TRICARE officials encourage beneficiaries to explore all possible health care plan options and costs when choosing a plan that best meets their needs.

Those considering TYA should determine if they are eligible before completing and sending in an application. The application and payment of three months of premiums can be dropped off at a TRICARE Service Center or sent by mail or faxed directly to the appropriate regional health care contractor. Beneficiaries can find out where to send their form and payment by filling out the simple profile at to get information tailored to their 4specific location. Once the initial payment is made, monthly premiums must be paid in advance through automated electronic payment. When the application is processed, TRICARE coverage will begin the first day of the following month. However, since TYA was ?fast-tracked? to begin enrollment as soon as systems changes, forms, premiums and other rules governing the program were approved and in place, TRICARE Management Activity will allow eligible applicants to be covered for the full month of May as long as enrollment forms and payment are received (not postmarked) by the regional contractor prior to 31 MAY.Those eligible for TYA who have been saving receipts since 1 JAN 2011, in anticipation of the new program, can also pay all premiums back to January to purchase coverage retroactively. After getting a welcome letter and enrollment card, dependents and their sponsor are encouraged to visit uniformed services identification (ID) card issuing facility to obtain a dependent ID card. The card will assist in identifying the dependent as eligible for health care, prescriptions and access to military installations. Nearby ID card facilities can be found through a link at The signing of the National Defense Authorization Act in JAN 2011, brought TRICARE in line with the provisions of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and enabled the extension of excellent TRICARE coverage to this new group. The TRICARE Management Activity appreciates all government partners who helped make this benefit available so quickly. [Source: TREA Washington Update 29 Apr 2011 ++]

Subject: Noise Survey, Aviano AB Italy, Operation Allied Force (OAF), May 1999


Just before he retired Chief Scott Heisterkamp asked me to post this Aviano AB Noise Survey to the ACA Site; he thought it might be helpful to anyone who was deployed to Aviano AB and living in Tent City during Operation Allied Force (OAF) and experiencing hearing loss.

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From: Heisterkamp, Scott CMSgt MIL USAF AF/A4LW

Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2011 8:25 AM


Attached is the noise survey conducted by Bio in tent city during Op Allied Force at Aviano AB Italy in May 1999 in response to MANY complaints about how close tent city was to the flightline and how difficult it was to sleep/function when the A/C were launching.  This document may be of interest to any of your personnel that were deployed there and who didn’t retain a copy when provided to them back in 99.  Please forward to your units for their SA.


Chief Hk


Air Force AMMO (2W0) Career Field Manager

AF/A4LW; Pentagon, Washington D.C.


Noise Survey

Logistics Officer’s Association (LOA) offers revised Scholarship Opportunities for Enlisted Troops

The Logistics Officer’s Association has revised their Scholarship program and offers expanded opportunities to Enlisted Troops. Read more at the links included below:

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From: Lt Col Kevin Sampels, LOA Vice President [[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 7:48 AM
Subject: LOA Announcement: President & CFO Nominations Due and LOA Scholarships Program update

Fellow Loggies,

Two issues to quickly pass on.

The LOA Scholarship Program has been significantly revised and is now available for your review at  The primary changes include expanding the eligibility criteria, considerably increasing the award amount, and revising the application package to include a paper authored by the applicant.  These changes were made to promote advanced education to an even wider audience, as well as allow our members the opportunity to shape our community through exploring and offering solutions to real-world logistics challenges.


Lt Col Kevin Sampels

Vice President, Logistics Officer Association | 2011 LOA National Conference 10-13 October – Ft Worth, Texas

Air Force Announces 2011 Accession Quotas for Prior Service AMMO Troops (2W0) with Specific Years of Completed Service

In FY2011 the U.S. Air Force is accessing Prior Service AMMO Troops (2W0XX) with Specific Years of Completed Service.  This is being done to fill gaps in experience in the workforce that cannot be satisfied through normal accessions and workforce sustaining actions.  The chart below identifies the completed years of service required to be eligible and the number of prior service 2W0XX the USAF is seeking to bring back in to the active ranks.

For Example in the chart below: The Air Force can access up to 44 prior 2W0XX troops with 12 years of prior completed service and 105 AMMO troops with 16 years of completed service.  This is a great opportunity for troops that have good service records separated and are having second thoughts about their decision.

Completed Years of Service

AFSC 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 19
2W0X1 14 44 26 11 10 105 4 13

The Chief responsible for Air Force Accessions (AF/A1PT) put it this way.  “You have an individual who left the team and they’ve been a civilian for 2 years and now realize the grass isn’t greener.”  They visit the local recruiter and find out that based on their years of service (YOS) for 2W0 there may be eligible to re-join the USAF as an AMMO Troop.  And, they find that their DD Form 214 RE code and separation code both have zero unfavorable impacts (e.g., previous EPRs don’t describe a “BAD ACTOR”) and the Recruiting Service (RS) friends say their okay; then this troop would be a good candidate.  The Recruiting Service Prior Service team will forward the package for review/approval. One note should be highlighted; that is there are no waivers of the accession criteria for Prior Service. You either meet the criteria or you don’t.

Additionally, the Air Force is allowing Prior Service airman to Retrain into one of the specialties listed in the chart below:

FY11 Prior Service Retraining Opportunities
AFSC Slots
1C231 – Combat Control (CCT) 3
1C431 – Tactical Air Control Party (TAC-P) 2
1T031 – Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) 7
1T231 – Pararescue (PJ) 3
1U031 – Unmanned Aerial Systems Sensor Operator 5
3E831 – Explosive Ordanance Disposal (EOD) 4
3P031B – Security Forces Combat Arms 25
6C031 – Contracting 30
Total Retraining Opportunities 79

For more information and specific eligibility requirements, contact the Munitions Career Field Manager, Chief Scott Heisterkamp (AF/A4LW) at DSN: 225-0780 or Comm: (703) 695-0780 or contact either the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) or the Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS).

ACA Mid-Atlantic Chapter 2011 Calendar of Events


ACAMC Calendar of Events


January 4:  Suspense for Richard Gauvin Memorial Fund donation

January 15:  Annual awards notification

January 15:  Annual Reports due to ACA

January 31:  Dues are due to ACA and ACAMC (as applicable)

March 12:  Quarterly meeting (Langley AFB – TBD)

June 18:  Quarterly meeting (Langley AFB – TBD)

September/October:  Quarterly meeting/fall social (Mike Robertson’s house).  Initiate nomination process for Vice President

October 14:  Send out First Term Ammo Troop award request letters

November 1:  Send out requests for “Christmas Ammo Troop in Need” candidates

November 19:  Suspense for First Term Ammo Troop award inputs

December 3 or 10:  Quarterly meeting/Christmas social (Bill McCullough’s house).  Hold election for Vice President.

December 21:  “Christmas Ammo Troop in Need” shopping completed by this date