We held two surveys to determine the best design and location. 

The DESIGN Survey was voted on by 229 people from 40 different states and 3 locations overseas.  The survey lasted 7 weeks.  The results were 136 votes or 53.39 % in favor of the winning design shown below.

The LOCATION Survey lasted 5 weeks and with 173 respondents with 76 votes or 43.93% in favor of the USAF Armament Museum at Eglin AFB Florida.  The design is settled, and the location agreement is tentative and being formalized with the museum.    

With a goal of raising $40K we have achieved 59% of goal as of the end of January 2022.       

Please review the monument design below. When you have finished the review please go to our donation page on the top left of this page and make a donation.

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This is your chance to be a part of making this happen, AMMO taking care of AMMO business. This monument will stand for years as a testament to AMMO and the Munitions Systems Specialist Career Field, past, present and future.



A Proposal for the AMMO Heritage Memorial

The following design was submitted to the ACA and AMMO Heritage Monument Committee with the specifications and materials to use.  

The research included the following manufacturer.  The company is called Rock of Ages. They are experts at Civic Memorials. 

All color samples and granite are from Rock of Ages.  They also offer a perpetual warranty that reads:

“We are dedicated to making the most durable monuments and headstones. Rock of Ages guarantees your products with the strongest warranty in the industry. If a SEALMARK™ monument, headstone or memorial cracks, checks or proves defective with the passage of time, we will replace it. Whatever happens, there is no expiration date. This is our uncompromising promise.”

The bottom of the base to the top of the flame should be as large as the location chosen will allow but not less than 6 foot.  This design is 8 foot.

Note: all granite surfaces to be a polished finish except the base. 


Five or six sided with one side dedicated to a plaque honoring the career field.  The sides to have the 3 new duty badges, basic, senior and master, one on each side.  The current AF logo and the maintenance badge to be placed on the remaining sides.  Preferably the base will have slanted sides leading up to the Shell & Fame.        


The base to be made of Medium Gray Granite.   Color samples shown.


The SHELL to be made of Midnight Black Granite.  


The FLAME to be made of Crimson Red Granite.


The logo should be engraved into the base in relief as it is manufactured.  One logo on each facet of the base.   If it is cost prohibitive or not feasible than the logos should be plaques from the same company design and material as used for the front plaque see below. 


The plaque to be cast polished aluminum satin finish with a black stipple background and a cast aluminum bevel border. 

The plaque to be hung on the front side of the monument base and is to read as follows: 


This AMMO Heritage Monument represents those personnel who since the creation of the United States Air Force have provided the skills, knowledge, and expertise to put munitions in the hands of the warfighter at every level of the United States Air Force. 

USAF Munitions Systems Specialist, otherwise known as AMMO, perform all logistics on munitions systems to provide the warfighter with the armament, weapons, and explosives to perform the mission.   Their duties include receiving, shipping, handling and transport of non-nuclear conventional munitions.  They perform routine periodic inspections and maintenance on munitions. They maintain storage records and perform material accounting functions.  They prepare, assemble, test and deliver missiles, bombs, rockets and all guided smart munitions to the flight line ready to be loaded on aircraft.  At some locations they receive store, handle and transport nuclear munitions.  They are responsible for the disposal of nonhazardous munitions that are no longer needed.  They issue all small arms, egress components and other munitions components to base customers.  Seldom seen, often heard “AMMO” is the name, Munitions is the Mission.  AMMO’s level of excellence, achievement, and esprit-de-corps is well known throughout the USAF.   

Rock of Ages:

The name of the company that took the ideas and made them into the images shown here is called Rock of Ages. It is a fitting name for our monument too as we hope it is displayed for all ages. They have provided a wonderful design and provided specifications along with a quote for the cost of manufacturing.   The two picture facsimiles and specifications are shown above. The quote was for approximately $32, 500 not counting shipping and site construction cost.  Putting an estimate at a total cost of roughly $40,000.  Now we need to do our part…..



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