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We are the Ammo Chiefs Association (ACA).  This is a not-for-profit; Fraternal Association dedicated to the promotion of camaraderie between Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve, and Retired USAF AMMO Chiefs.

Our members work throughout the year to raise funds for worthwhile charitable causes such as:

  • Richard Gauvin Memorial Fund
  • The Enlisted Widows Foundation
  • Sunshine Committee to respond to members’ time of distress

The ACA contributes to the morale of active duty AMMO troops at the Chapter level through recognition and sports programs.  Additionally, the ACA sponsors awards programs for the AMMO School House Outstanding Performer, and the AFCOMAC Outstanding Performer.   ACA has contributed to cultural enterprises such as the RAF Welford AMMO Museum.

Local Chapter activities include:

1st-term Sharp Troop Award Program.  Identified by supervisor and sent to ACAMC in memo form.

Troops in Need Program:  a Program set up to help an AMMO troop suffering a hardship at Christmas time.  Identified by supervisor, and sent to ACAMC in memo form.

Care Packages to Deployed troops:  WE send care packages to troop deployed to remote locations during the holiday seasons.  Locations may change due to mission requirements.

We are AMMO, and proud of it!

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