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The ACA Mourns the Loss of Don Hamilton




Our friend Don Hamilton was called home to the Great Bomb Dump in the Sky at 1315 today. The thoughts and prayers of all in the AMMO Community who served with and have known Don over the years are with his lovely wife Grace and their family. Don rest in peace!

A number of individuals have asked what to do with regard to flowers, donations, etc. Grace has requested that donations in lieu of flowers be made in Don’s memory to the Ammo Chiefs Association for a Don Hamilton Memorial Fund, the fund set-aside to be used for the welfare needs of Ammo Airmen!

Send donations to ACA Secretary, 6046 SW 98 Loop, Ocala, Fl, 34476; checks made payable to ACA (marked for Don Hamilton Memorial Fund); I will notify the family of donors and their addresses.

CMSgt Don Hamilton

Latest Update: 3/16/09 see below:

Don’s wife, Grace, sends us this message:

To all AMMO friends of CMSgt Ret Don W. Hamilton,

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He is critically ill on a respirator in ICU with Lung Disease.


Grace Hamilton and family
[email protected]

His daughter Denise added this appeal and in this effort please help pass the word to any and all who may have known and worked with Don:

My mother would like to put out the following message to any AMMO groups, especially the AMMO Chiefs group, that we can locate, as my father’s health is rapidly deteriorating. She has tried to contact people that they know but has been having very little luck getting in touch with anyone, and she thought that maybe this would be the best way. I would appreciate you letting me know if you are able to do this or not, so that I at least know where it stands. Thanks in advance for your assistance with this!

Denise Hamilton D’Amore

Here is an update from John Greer (3/02/2009)

I spoke with Grace Hamilton last night and Don’s health has gotten worse. He has had several set backs(too many to mention) caused mostly by the tests/procedures they ran on him in the hospital (civilian) and is unable to breath on his own. Grace was very appreciative of the 50+ email she had received and if you would like to send one you can send it to their daughter Denise at; [email protected]. She is up at their Georgia home with Grace but will be checking her emails daily. I have asked Grace to keep us posted on Don’s condition. She did not sound too positive as he has declined so rapidly since he went in the hospital the first part of Feb. Brothers it does not sound to good for one of the Great ones, so keep him in your prayers. I probably missed some folks with this update so if you want to pass this on please do.


Update 2 from Fred O’Hern

For those who would like to send cards:

Don & Grace Hamilton
207 Greythorne Drive
Kathleen, GA, 31047

Just spoke to Denise, Don is doing better to day! Taking it one day at a time. Fred

Update 3/05/09

Had a brief chat with Grace last night! Don is continuing the good-fight taking it one day and/or one hour at the time. He needs our support, prayers, and good thoughts! Will keep you posted. Fred IYA Ammo YAS

PS-Please pass the word!

Supportive e:mails to: [email protected], [email protected]

Cards to: Don & Grace Hamilton
207 Greythorne Drive
Kathleen, GA 31047

Update: 3/6/09

Just got off the phone with Grace! The good news is that they have finally diagnosed what Don has; i.e. Wegeners Granulomatosis (causes bleeding of the lungs) a very rare disease; they are treating with chemo and steroids (he does not have cancer); they are removing the high-powered respirator in order to promote using his own lungs and to allow liquids and light food. Consideration is being given to moving him to a hospital in Macon that has a long-term ICU!

Will keep you’ll posted! Please pass this on to his many friends.

Fred IYA Ammo YAS

Update: 3/16/09

Just got off the phone with Grace! The latest news and long-term prognosis is encouraging in that Don has shown noticeable improvement over the last week; he’s now able to take food by mouth and his lungs are beginning to function; they are waiting for a bed in the long-term acute care/rehab facility in Macon, Ga and are planning to transfer him ASAP; this week he has been able to sit-up and get out of bed! They expect treatment and rehab in Macon to be something on the order of several months! As I said last week he is on chemo-therapy and steroids (but does not have cancer).

Don and Grace were touched and very appreciative of the Shell and Flame Award for Life-Time Achievement in Ammo that Chuck Norton presented on the ACA’s behalf to Grace last week. Grace asked me to pass on their thanks.

Will keep you’ll posted! Please pass this on to his many friends.

Fred IYA Ammo YAS