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Chrome and Firefox Phishing Attack

The below information was received from the founder and CEO of Wordfence which is a security plugin used on WordPress sites.

This information is related to Chrome & Firefox browsers.  Please read and share with others.  This has the potential to cause serious problems for those who may inadvertently access one of the malicious sites.

This is an unscheduled public service announcement which we consider urgent and in the interests of the broader online community.

A phishing attack is being discussed in the security community today that allows an attacker to register a domain that appears identical to a known safe domain in the web browser. They can use this domain to launch phishing attacks that trick you into handing over your username and password information.

This attack makes it impossible to tell if you are on a safe site or a malicious site by looking at the location bar in your browser. This affects the current versions of Chrome and Firefox.

We have published a public service announcement that provides a working demonstration using a health care website. We also let you know how to fix the issue if you use Firefox and what to do if you are using Google Chrome.

You can find the full post on our blog…


Mark Maunder

Wordfence Founder & CEO