Please convey our sincere congratulations to the recipients of the Ammo Chief’s Association “Outstanding Performer” award. This award goes to the Airman who demonstrated the most determination, innovative thinking, and hard work during the grueling 3-week Combat Ammunition Planning and Production Course. The selection process is accomplished entirely by class leadership; making this recognition even more significant.

The selection for this award puts the recipient at the top of their 70-person class. They should be very proud of themselves and all they have achieved while attending the Air Force Combat Ammunition Center. The recipient’s clearly demonstrated technical knowledge and dedication to accomplish the AMMO mission have earned them this well-deserved award.

The most important part is taking the teamwork and lessons learned during their AFCOMAC experience back to their respective units and share with others.

Congratulations on a job well done from the AMMO Chiefs Association!

Most recent AFCOMAC Award Winners

22-05 – SSgt Sierra Gehringer – 18 MUNS, Kadena AFB, Japan
22-06 – SSgt Brandon Stewart – 4 MUNS, Seymour Johnson AFB, North
22-07 – SSgt Catharyn M. Clyde – 420 MUNS, RAF Welford, England