ACA Officers

You can reach ACA Officers by email at the addresses below if you would like their snail mail addresses contact the Secretary

ACA Officers – Current as of 2 Feb 2024

Board of Directors Elections – Completed: 31 Jan 2024


IAW ACA Constitution, (b) The Secretary at the request of the President held an election to solicit nominations to fill positions becoming vacant at the end of 2023.

The election results follow and have been updated in the above table:

New Directors at Large:

Director at Large – Phil Kennedy (Began mid-term and is continuing)

Director at Large – Jackie Jones **Re-elected**

Director at Large – Vicki Lemke **Re-Elected**

Director at Large – Roger Jennings **Elected**

The next election is projected to begin in late 2024 to elect a candidate for the Chief at Arms position.

Incumbent officers may be considered for another term but may not hold the same position for more than 2 terms. And the ACA would like to open up these opportunities for others to lead and serve.

Any nominees should be volunteers willing to serve in the capacity before submitting their name.

Members can also submit nominations by mail, if necessary.

Matt Lingelbach, 1040 E Nicholes Ave, Layton, UT 84040

Please let me know if you have any questions.