AMMO Heritage Monument

At the AMMO Chiefs Association Reunion held in Branson MO in October 2016 there was a proposal made to consider development of an AMMO Monument.  Discussion ensued and it was agreed that any type action would need to garner the support of the Ammo Community as a whole, active duty, guard, reserve, and retired.  The ACA is not the owner of this proposal but some of its members have agreed to help guide its initial formation.  A committee to oversee the project was established recently and is open to all points of view on this project.

Our Goal is to preserve the AMMO Heritage with a Monument that depicts or symbolizes the efforts of the USAF Munitions Systems Career Field personnel and their achievements. 

Points considered for the design included: 

  • Acknowledge the history of ordnance and specifically the impact of munitions personnel on the use of airpower. 
  • Recognize the achievements in USAF Airpower and the influence AMMO has had on these achievements. 
  • Memorialize the grit and determination the field has had to endure in conflicts over the years.
  • Become a historical monument to the past and touchstone for the future
  • Link the past to the present and enable people to remember and respect the sacrifice of those who participated in or were part of the Munitions Maintenance career field.

It should be noted that although the idea for the AMMO Monument was conceived within the ACA, we are not to be considered the “owners” of it.  When completed, “Ownership” of the Memorial will belong to all USAF AMMO Troops, past, present and future.

With a goal of raising $40K we have achieved 50% of goal as of October 2021.      

See the winning design here:

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