AMMO Heritage Monument

Status Update: 5 Sep 2023

Monument Flame being finished at Rock of Ages facility
Monument Shell being finished at Rock of Ages facility
Monument Pad has been poured at the USAF Armament Museum.

Monument Construction, Installation and Dedication Timeline

The Monument is being built by Rock of Ages, 558 Graniteville Road,
Graniteville, Vermont 05654 ( On 23 May 22, ACA made the first down payment of three payments to begin construction of the monument.

Site Preparation: The site will located at the USAF Armament Museum near Eglin AFB, FL. URL: A 15′ x 15′ slab to host the monument has been poured and is awaiting cure time, a 3′ x 4′ walkway leading to the monument with a surrounding walkway further surrounded by AMMO pavers. See order form below and instructions ordering a AMMO Monument Paver.

Status of AMMO Monument Construction: Rock of Ages is actively working the monument and plans to have the AMMO monument completed around 1 Oct 2023. The shell, flame, and base are nearing completion. ROA is working on the inscribing the Munitions Badges, Maintenance Badge, and Air Force Logo onto the Base right now.

Delivery: Rock of Ages has confirmed they can and are prepared to meet a 1 Oct 23 ship date to the USAF Armament Museum at Eglin once the site is prepared and ready to accept the monument.

Installation: Additional site preparation and installation will continue throughout Sep, Oct, and Nov 2023.

Dedication: The AMMO monument and site is planned to be complete and opening dedication to be held on or about National AMMO Day (2 Dec 2023 at 1 PM EST. MARK YOUR CALENDARS: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2023 – 1 PM EST.

To Order an AMMO Heritage Monument Paver use the attached Order Form

Ordering Instructions:

Beginnings: At the AMMO Chiefs Association Reunion held in Branson MO in October 2016 there was a proposal made to consider development of an AMMO Monument.  Discussion ensued and it was agreed that any type action would need to garner the support of the Ammo Community as a whole, active duty, guard, reserve, and retired.  The ACA is not the owner of this proposal but some of its members have agreed to help guide its initial formation.  A committee to oversee the project was established recently and is open to all points of view on this project.

Our Goal is to preserve the AMMO Heritage with a Monument that depicts or symbolizes the efforts of the USAF Munitions Systems Career Field personnel and their achievements. 

Points considered for the design included: 

  • Acknowledge the history of ordnance and specifically the impact of munitions personnel on the use of airpower. 
  • Recognize the achievements in USAF Airpower and the influence AMMO has had on these achievements. 
  • Memorialize the grit and determination the field has had to endure in conflicts over the years.
  • Become a historical monument to the past and touchstone for the future
  • Link the past to the present and enable people to remember and respect the sacrifice of those who participated in or were part of the Munitions Maintenance career field.

See the winning design here:

It should be noted that although the idea for the AMMO Monument was conceived within the ACA, we are not to be considered the “owners” of it.  When completed, “Ownership” of the Memorial will belong to all USAF AMMO Troops, past, present and future. With that said, ACA plans to support the care and feeding of the monument in the future with any and all donations from the AMMO community and others.

Costs: With a current estimated total cost of $42,484 to construct, prepare site, deliver, install, plaque, finish, and dedicate the monument, as of 8 Feb 2023 ACA has raised 110-percent of that goal. During 2022 donations came in at a phenomenal rate, in varying amounts, from many sources both personal and corporate. Any funds raised in excess of initial costs will be allotted in the annual ACA budget to pay for care and feeding the site or monument that may be required. Beginning 15 Dec 2022, the ACA is still accepting donations, however any donations received will go to the ACA general fund vice the Monument (VIP) account.

Projection of AMMO Memorial Monument installed in front of B-52 at the Armament Museum

Mini-Monument Contest: From August through December 2022, the ACA hosted a Contest for a chance to own your very own miniature AMMO Monument Replica. 

Five miniature replicas, each one serial numbered, were given away in separate month long drawings to lucky AMMO Monument supporters who donated $50 or more. For each $50 donation one entry (ticket) was made in the donor’s name. 

While this drawing is now closed, and all five mini-monuments have been awarded, you can still donate to the ACA below:

The ACA EIN (Employer Identification Number) is 59-3738339.    The EIN is also known as a federal Tax Identification Number (TIN), and is used to identify a business or nonprofit entity.

Additional links for donations: and save us the fees

Or you can mail in a donation (make check out to AMMO Chiefs Association) to the:

AMMO Chiefs Association

c/o ACA Treasurer, Mike Robertson

16394 Red Cedar Rd, Piedmont, SD 57769

All eligible donations received during the drawing periods were entered into the monthly drawing and the winners were:

Donation Period Start Donation Period EndDrawing DateDrawing Winner
15 July 2214 Aug 2221 Aug 22Mark Gossett
15 Aug 2214 Sep 2221 Sep 22Van Ray
15 Sep 2214 Oct 2221 Oct 22Pat Adams
15 Oct 2214 Nov 2221 Nov 22Greg Dotson
15 Nov 2214 Dec 2221 Dec 22Dwight Howard
Mini-Monument Drawing Periods and Results