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Check Out AMMO Alley

If you haven’t seen the latest version (43rd) of the Shell & Flame, then you missed a good read titled “Ammo Alley” that Mike Roylance submitted.  It is  copied from a story called “Fiddler’s Green” attributed to the United States Field Artillery Association and adapted to fit the other guardians of peace, United States Air Force Ammo Troops.  Be sure to check it out by clicking the link above.

AFCOMAC reaches a milestone!

Almost every AMMO troop since the late 80s has been to AFCOMAC at least once.

In December, The Air Force Combat Ammunitions Center celebrated the graduation of its 15,000 student.

The AFCOMAC Schoolhouse recognized Staff Sgt. Olivia Tipton, a student from the 509th Munitions Squadron, Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., as the 15,000th student to graduate from the program.

Staff Sgt. Olivia Tipton, 509th Munitions Squadron, Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo

To the Schoolhouse we say “Well Done!”

To SSgt Tipton, we say “Congratulations!”

and to Everyone we say

If You Aint AMMO, You Aint Shit!”

Keep the Flame Burning.

To see the article from Beale AFB here is the Link.