AMMO History

Bud Rabuano sent us a great paper with the History of AMMO. 

He is open to accepting inputs and picture to keep the document relevant!

Thanks for the great job Bud!

Click on the link to read the paper

History of AMMO Paper


One thought on “AMMO History”

  1. I enlisted in the AF in 1966, after basic I went to Lowry AFB, Colorado for Munition Maintance training. I was a 46101, BB stacker. The tech school for 46201 was also at Lowry different building (black hanger), but we were all together in the barracks.
    I remember when the senior (1966) and master chief (1968) ranks began, master sergeant Bectle was the first senior and then chief in the 46 field. He was at Lowry.
    After Vietnam Nam I went back to Lowry as an instructor in 1968. After instructor school I was a T46150. I also went to tech escort school, became a T46150A. That is when three stripes was a sergeant(no longer A1C).

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