2014 ACA Reunion in Las Vegas

For those who missed the ACA Reunion in Vegas …You missed a great get-together. Jack Seaman did a fantastic job on all fronts, despite having an ailing wife at home. The South Point is one of the best-kept secrets in town! John Greer as usual was a great MC for the reunion dinner.

Clark Elliott and his folks provided a great tour of the Nellis Bomb Dump and topped it off with an AMMO Call with burgers, dogs and appropriate beverages. His folks are professional, organized, motivated, and sharp as a tack. There was a consensus that most of would go back in today just to work for Clark. His enthusiasm for Ammo was contagious and evident in not just him but the other active Chiefs we met while there.

Clark called a coin check at the dinner. It was memorable to all, but there were two Chiefs who had to cough up the $$ for drinks.

For me, it was great to see old friends, mentors, and colleagues and to meet some of the pioneers of AMMO in the Air Force. Roger Gagnon came all the way from the PI to join us. I am sure he will tell you it was worth the trip! We would love to have you all join us for the next one!

The date and location for the next reunion is TBD, but 2016 will be here before you know it, please plan to be there, wherever it is, you will not be disappointed.  # 9 may be the best one yet!

If you are not a member of the ACA yet or have let your membership lapse be sure to get back on board, we are doing good things for the Ammo Community. Remember there is no penalty to rejoin, just send Jack your dues between now and the end of Jan 2015 and he will add you back to the books.

ACA 17 Oct 2014 (96 of 132)
ACA on the Bomb Dump Tour


No trip the Las Vegas is complete without dancing girls!


Getting a look at the AIM-9X Captive Training Missile


ACA 17 Oct 2014 (49 of 132)
The MALD, is it a missile or a decoy? The answer…Both


A serious Think-Tank here!


ACA 17 Oct 2014 (21 of 132)
Chief Pennington (ret) President of the ACA presents a token to Chief Elliott at the AMMO Call after our tour. Thanks again Chief, your facility and your troops are something to be proud of!


ACA 17 Oct 2014 (6 of 132)
Chief Elliott’s “Heritage Room” in the Bomb Dump! This looks like the perfect place for counseling and feedback to me!


Rich was giving me some advice at the dinner. That was not my first beer!  But I am certain it was sage advice!
Chief Lyle Winnicki signing up! Welcome!

Check out the great entertainment video!