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Subject: Noise Survey, Aviano AB Italy, Operation Allied Force (OAF), May 1999


Just before he retired Chief Scott Heisterkamp asked me to post this Aviano AB Noise Survey to the ACA Site; he thought it might be helpful to anyone who was deployed to Aviano AB and living in Tent City during Operation Allied Force (OAF) and experiencing hearing loss.

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From: Heisterkamp, Scott CMSgt MIL USAF AF/A4LW

Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2011 8:25 AM


Attached is the noise survey conducted by Bio in tent city during Op Allied Force at Aviano AB Italy in May 1999 in response to MANY complaints about how close tent city was to the flightline and how difficult it was to sleep/function when the A/C were launching.  This document may be of interest to any of your personnel that were deployed there and who didn’t retain a copy when provided to them back in 99.  Please forward to your units for their SA.


Chief Hk


Air Force AMMO (2W0) Career Field Manager

AF/A4LW; Pentagon, Washington D.C.


Noise Survey