Mid-Atlantic Chapter Provides Holiday Support to AMMO Troops

Over this past Holiday, the Mid-Atlantic Chapter provide support to two Langley (1st FW) AMMO Troops.  This has become a tradition for the Chapter whose BOD budgets for and membership supports.  Mike Gavin, the Chapter President posted the following memo:

“Chapter Membership,

On behalf of our Chapter I had the privilege this week of taking two Airman with family hardships out on a Holiday shopping spree ($200 each).  Both of these Airman are undergoing separations and have small children to care for.  It was great to meet them both and see the spark in their eyes as they realized there are folks within the Munitions Community that care about them and their families.  They both wanted me to pass on their heartfelt thanks to our Chapter membership for helping them with Clothes and toys for their children and food for their tables.

Our Chapters collective efforts raising funds allowed us to make a difference in these Airman’s lives and helped make a nice Christmas possible for them.  I’m sure they will both learn and grow from their current hardships and continue to be Outstanding Munitions Airman.  When you see a tear in young person’s eye when they are thanking you – you know you have made a difference in their lives.  Thanks to you all for your continued support of our Chapter.  Supporting our Airman is what this group needs to continue to stay focused on.  Have a great Holiday season and be safe out there.”



Note: Thanks to the first line supervisors in the 1st FW Munitions Flight for taking the time to submit the packages on these Airman.  Both these Airman stated their Supervisors and Flight Chief have helped guide them during the troubling times.