ACAMC Meeting Agenda, 12 Dec 2009

To:      ACAMC Membership

 Subj:  ACAMC Meeting Agenda

1. Date, Time, Location:  December 12, 2009, 1300 hours, Bill McCullough’s house (5931 Danielle Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22407).

2. Purpose:  To announce meeting of the general membership and solicit agenda topics.  Send additional topics to:

Mike Gavin, or Michael Gavin

Wilbur McCullough  or  Wilbur McCullough

3.  Standard Agenda Items:

a.  Review and approval of minutes from September 26, 2009 meeting.

b.  Financial Status:  Financial breakdown will be available at the meeting.

4.  Old Business:

a.  Awards Committee:  OPR: Mike Gavin, Bill McCullough.  MSgt Brown’s award presentation date is still in question.

b.  Membership Status:  Seventeen Chiefs and three Associate Members.

c.  Fundraising:

  • Status: Coin, pen, and shirt sales.
  • 2010 Chapter dues are due! You may pay at the meeting or send them to:  AMMO Chiefs Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter, P.O. Box 65944, Hampton, VA  23665-5499.

d.  Sunset Committee:  Alvino A. Ross Jr., passed away on 20 Oct 09 at Hampton, VA (Frank notified us).

e.  ACAMC participation and membership at meetings.

f.  Update on Langley AFB December 11dinner in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the CMSgt rank.

g.  Update on USAF license plates in Virginia (Phil).

h.  Update on marble bench at Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum marble bench (via ACA).

i.  ACA reunion update.

 5.  New Business:

a.  Election for Chapter Vice President.

b.  2010 budget.

c.  2010 calendar of events.

d.  Review of inputs for First-Term Ammo Troop award.

e.  Review inputs for Christmas Ammo Troop in Need program.

f.  For annual submitters, ACA dues are due.  You may pay the Chapter or forward a check/money order to:  Ammo Chiefs Association (Attn: Treasurer), 6046 SW 98 Loop, Ocala, FL 34476.

g.  Open floor for  new business.

6.         Next Meeting: March 27, 2009 (tentative).


Wilbur C. McCullough III

ACAMC Secretary-Treasurer