26 Sep 09 ACA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting

Subject: ACAMC Meeting Minutes

1.  Date, Time, Location: September 26, 2009, 1:17 pm (1317 hours), Mike Robertson’s house, Dumfries, VA.

2.  Purpose: General membership meeting.  The ACAMC General Membership meeting was conducted and the group socialized after the meeting.

3.  Attendees:  A quorum was present (9 of 18 voting members – 2 proxies).


Michael Gavin (President)

Jack Miller – (Vice President)

Wilbur McCullough – (Secretary/Treasurer)

Michael Robertson

Richard Pennington

John Matthews

Tom McConnell

Jerry Merichko – Proxy

Eddie Fuquay – Proxy



4.  The following Agenda Items were discussed:

a.  The Secretary presented the minutes from the July 18, 2009 meeting.

i.            Motion to accept – Mike Robertson

ii.            Seconded – John Matthews

iii.            Unanimously approved.

b. The Treasurer provided a detailed fiscal update dating back to the 28 Mar 09 meeting since he was not available at the 18 Jul 09 meeting (attached).  Our current balance of $879.65 was bolstered by coin sales.  Since the July meeting, we disbursed awards to base-level Ammo troops in the amount of $50.00.

i.            Motion to accept fiscal report: – Rich Pennington

ii.            Seconded – Tom McConnell

iii.            Unanimously approved.

5.  Old Business:

a.  Awards Committee:

– The Chapter presented a certificate, coin, and check in honor of SSgt Chappell of the 1 EMS for winning the AMRAAM Outstanding Performer Award.  It seems like we are feast or famine as far as awards go.

b.  Membership:  With the recent addition of Eddie Fuquay and Jerry Merichko, our active Ammo Chief membership roll is up to 18.  However, we have added no new Associate members and many other potential Ammo Chiefs (e.g., Carol Zollicoffer, Scott Heistercamp, Dan Munro, Mel Hill, Ricky Clay, John Hough, etc.) are remaining distant from the chapter.

c. Fundraising:  The coins sales continue to do well.  Mike Gavin stated he may try to get a chili cook-off going.  The membership talked about trying to acquire some of the gilded glasses from Incirlik similar to the ones given away at the ACA reunion held at Hampton, VA.  All members should continue to look for ways to raise funds for our Chapter.

d.  Sunset Committee:  There have been numerous health issues recently with our Chapter  members and within the munitions community.  John Cecere seems to have overcome some of his medical challenges and is able to travel.  Bill mentioned Luke Kearns (currently in Indiana) went into the hospital for kidney and pancreas issues.  UPDATE ON CHRIS PARKS:  Tumor was removed and the biopsy yielded no indication of cancer.

e.  The ACA approved the Chapter to use ACAMC as the representative acronym.  All future correspondence will be changed.

f.  Virginia license plate with active duty Air Force recognition.  Phil Kennedy was not present to discuss status.  Deferred until next meeting.

g.  Marble bench recognizing Ammo community by Wright-Patterson AFB museum.  Issue sent to ACA.  Rich Pennington will pursue status.

h.  Mike Robertson stated the term IYAAYAS is being formalized in official documents.

i.  The Chief Gauvin Memorial Scholarship program did not make the Combined Federal Campaign catalog this year.

6.  New Business:

a.  The Chapter office for Vice President is coming up for election.  Mike Robertson volunteered to lead the nominating committee.  Rich recommended we work it so the voting will occur at the December meeting.  Tom McConnell and John Matthews volunteered to help Mike.  The Vice President will take office on 1 Jan 10.

b.  Mike Gavin stated there is a dining in at the Langley AFB Enlisted Club on 11 Dec 09 in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the rank of CMSgt.  He stated the advertisement of this endeavor is hard to find.  Mike will send out more details on the web site.

c.  The floor was opened for new business:

1).  An e-mail came out citing the four winners of the CMSgt Gauvin scholarship awards of $500.00 each.

2).  The Ammo Bowl at Sheppard AFB is discontinued due to an issue with the Wing Commander’s son.  Dyess and Cannon AFBs are talking about hosting it in the future.  There will be no more World Bowls due to funding and restrictive permissive TDY rules.

3).  The ACA Board of Directors members can hold office for 4 years now.

4).  Mike Robertson will update the web site with a signed copy of the Chapter Constitution and By-Laws.

5).  Rich Pennington reminded all that the ACA reunion will happen in 2010.  There is no set date yet and it will take place somewhere in FL since the Emerald Coast Chapter agreed to host it.

6).  A plaque from the ACAMC was present to CMSgt Kevin Lewis at his retirement luncheon in October.  Our thanks to Mike Gavin for taking care of this.

7.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:07 pm (1407 hours).

i.            Motion to adjourn – Mike Gavin.

ii.            Seconded – Jack Miller.

iii.            Adjourned by unanimous decision.

8.  The next meeting is planned for 5 Dec 09 at Bill McCullough’s house with a holiday social to follow.

9.  The group socialized for awhile and grazed on a huge spread of food provided by Mike and Myong Robertson.


Wilbur C. McCullough III

Secretary, ACAMC