An invitation to support a medical transport “Bring Ellie Home”

fAMMOly and Friends:

MSgt John Bartlow and his family are in need of some AMMO support.  The below email is what he sent to Gary Oaks.

Please consider helping out and be sure to pass this along.



Chief Jackson mention to reach out to you and see if you are able to spread the word in helping our family get our daughter back to Utah.

We were really hoping not to go this route but Tri-Care’s “Medical Necessity” clause has put a quick stop to transporting her out to the approved hospital/specialist out here in Salt Lake City. We are still perusing other ways to get her to SLC but if all those fail we are going to need some help to pay the estimated $18K to medically move her from Kansas City to Salt Lake City.

If you or anyone else know of way to get her to Salt Lake City free of charge or at a reduced cost, please let us know.

Below is the link to the site and a small video our daughter

Bring Ellie Home

Thank You

Section Chief, Material
388 MXS, Hill AFB, UTAH