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Ammo Troop Openings at KYANG

Good afternoon. I am writing in regards to some assistance I was hoping that the Ammo Chiefs Association could provide. I am currently TDY, but a Traditional member of the KYANG 123rd MXS. I spent an active duty tour at Beale as the Munitions Flight Commander, MASO, and Senior Officer Orientation Course instructor at AFCOMAC before joining the KYANG. We are searching for two Ammo troops to fill vacant slots within our manning. Both slots are Traditional Guardsman positions—1 TSgt and 1 SSgt. We need qualified troops because currently we have only 1 qualified 7 level and myself (traditionally a 21M by trade) with Ammo experience and a MSgt who is cross training into the 2W0 career field. I was hoping that the Ammo Chiefs Association could get the word out for me to Ammo troops looking to separate from active duty or whom are separated and would like to join as Traditional KY Air Guard members.
Thank you in advance,

Craig T. Mohr, Captain, USAF; Action Officer, AFMC/A4M; 4375 Chidlaw Road; Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433

DSN: 674-3934

COMM: 937-904-3934

[email protected]