General Leo Marquez


Please take the time to let one of AMMO’s heroes know there are hundreds if not thousands of us out here who know of and have benefited from General Marquez’s leadership. As the emails below attest he has had a tremendous impact fostering the professionalism of the AMMO career field. Please send him an email to let him know he has a friend in his corner as he fights his cancer.

Leo Marquez

For those wishing to send a card the General’s address is:

10508 Griffith Park Dr
Albuquerque NM 87123

General Marquez’s email:

Subject: dear friends

I am sorry to inform you that the cancer has  returned in maybe a more malevolent form.  They have been testing for a few weeks trying to isolate the specific form of lymphoma.  I am told there are many varieties.

I am now equipped with a port in my chest through with the chemo will be introduced.  I expect to begin treatment this week,

For now I am doing OK just dealing with the uncertainty  Having a hard time walking but no  serious pain

See you on the other side!

Thanks to Billie Campbell and John Matthews for passing this info along.


See email below. Gen Marquez can use our help by sending him a card or email wishing him the very best recovery and hope for the future. He was the head speaker at our 4th reunion at Langley.

Wish him well.

John A. Matthews Sr., Contractor

I know Lt Gen Marquez… He is “our” maintenance and munitions General… He is a neat man, started AFCOMAC…

Billie Campbell

And this email from Kathleen Sheperd

Subject: Gen Leo Marquez Needs Prayer

Hello Friends,

Please take a few minutes to lift up Lieutenant General Leo Marquez (USAF Ret), a great Air Force warrior, in prayer.  His leadership in the aircraft and munitions maintenance world helped shape the Air Force maintenance professional community to what it is today.  We owe much to his vision.

One of the things I most remember was to initiate the “Maintenance
Professional of the Year” award (now named after him) to recognize the hard work and long hours of the aircraft and munitions maintenance personnel at all grade levels.  Within a few years many other Air Force specialties followed his idea – but General Marquez was the man who started the recognition first with maintenance, then with supply, communications electronics, etc.

General Marquez has a recurrence of cancer – lymphoma and it is serious.  I can’t provide more details than this – his email caught our family off guard.  I think the general would be comforted to know there are so many people out there praying for his recovery.

Thanks so much,

Kathleen Sheperd, Ctr (MacAulay Brown)
Massive Ordnance Penetrator QRC, Logistics Eglin AFB, FL
Tel: 850-883-2147 (DSN-875)