ACAVC Meeting Minutes, 28 Mar 2009

To: ACAVC Membership                                      April 17, 2009

Subject: ACAVC Meeting Minutes

1.  Date, Time, Location: March 28, 2009, 1:06 pm (1306 hours), Langley AFB, VA Munitions Storage Area Administrative Facility.

2.  Purpose: General membership meeting.  The ACAVC General Membership meeting was conducted and the group socialized for a while after the meeting.

3.  Attendees:  A quorum was present (13 of 16 members – 6 proxies).


Michael Gavin (President)

Wilbur McCullough (Secretary/Treasurer)

John Cecere

Tom McConnell

Ed Weisheit

Michael Robertson

Rick Bussell

TJ Jensen (Associate)

John Usefara (Associate)

Jack Miller (Vice President) (Proxy)

Philip Kennedy (Proxy)

Rich Pennington (Proxy)

Frank Waterman (Proxy)

John A. Matthews (Proxy)

Kevin Lewis (Proxy)

4.  The following Agenda Items were discussed:

a.  The Secretary read the minutes from the December 6, 2008 meeting.

i.            Motion to accept – Mike Robertson.

ii.            Seconded – Ed Weisheit. 

iii.            Unanimously approved.

b.      The Treasurer went over the current fiscal status.  The previous balance was $790.65.  We had a total input of

$921.00 from dues, coin sales, and the football pool.  Outlays were the ACA dues, awards, holiday help, and the

Original Chiefs coins ($643.00).  The current balance is $1068.65.  $325.00 in checks is outstanding.  The main

concern is the $250.00 check for the Richard Gauvin Memorial Fund check sent to AFCOMAC on 29 Dec 08. 

Mike Gavin will follow up on this. 

[Post-meeting Note:  Mike Gavin contacted CMSgt Pat Adams at AFCOMAC.  Pat said he found the empty

envelope and is looking for the check (#184)].  The Original Chiefs coins were passed out.  Chapter dues are

due.  Please mail to AMMO Chiefs Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter, P.O. Box 65944, Hampton, VA 

23665-5944.  ACA dues may be sent to the above address or straight to: ACA, 6046 SW 98 Loop, Ocala, FL 

34476.  John Cecere and Rick Bussell paid their ACAVC dues during the meeting. 

i.            Motion to accept – John Cecere.

ii.            Seconded – Tom McConnell. 

iii.            Unanimously approved.

5.  Old Business:

a.  Awards Committee:  The Chapter presented quarterly and annual awards to personnel at Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC.  Frank Waterman is to present the First-term Airman Award to AIC Jones at McGuire AFB on 6 Apr 09.

b.  Membership:  Scott Heistercamp and Eddie Fuquay have not committed to joining the Chapter.  We will still pursue them.  Rick Bussell joined the Chapter at the meeting and was welcomed aboard.  He was given coin #28.  However, Rick will only be at Langley for about 2 years.  Yvonne Watts also joined but was not able to make the meeting.  She was assigned coin #27.

c.  Fundraising:  The coins sales are going well.  The planned Bar B Q at Langley was put on hold due to inclement weather.  Mike Gavin was going to have a chili cook-off but the Loaders had one on his planned date. 

d.  Sunset Committee:  Don Hamilton recently passed away.  The group was brought up to date on John Matthews’ health issues.

e.  Constitution and Bylaws:  The group reviewed the DRAFT Chapter Constitution and Bylaws developed by the committee.  Mike Robertson did the presentation.  The group decided South Carolina was too far south and could be better served under the Emerald Coast chapter.  A question arose as to the Mary Ester address used in the ACA chartering document.  John Cecere took this as an action item. 

(Post-meeting Note:  The address is based on the current registered agent for the association and therefore changes as the person holding that position does.)  A question arose regarding whether civil servant or contractors performing Ammo jobs could be associate members.  John Cecere took this as an action item. 

(Post-meeting Note:  John Cecere learned they are not eligible for membership but may join as members as an Auxiliary member as specified in the governing chapter documents.) Mike Robertson wanted to validate the most current ACA Constitution.  The one on the ACA web site was dated 2 Aug 07 but it did not match the one Fred sent to the committee to do their review.  John Cecere took this as an action item. 

(Post-meeting Note:  The 2 Aug 07 edition is the most current one.  Mike Robertson will compare the areas related to the Chapter effort to ensure there were no other changes needed to our constitution and bylaws.)  The group agreed with the new definition for a quorum.  Verbiage was added about appointing a temporary Vice President until the next special or general membership meeting is held.  Based on the changes, we will start to place our new Ammo Chiefs Association Mid-Atlantic chapter (ACAMC) logo on documents and paraphernalia.

i.      Motion to accept – John Cecere.

ii.      Seconded – Ed Weisheit. 

iii.      Unanimously approved.

6.  New Business:

a.  Rick Bussell was welcomed again as our newest member.

b.  Mike Gavin developed a welcome letter for new members.  Our first recipient was Yvonne. Rick Bussell is to receive one also.

c.  John Cecere brought up the Don Hamilton Memorial fund.  The group was not totally sure of what the fund was to be used for and how it would be managed.  Also, with the passing of other Ammo Chiefs, it seemed like Don was being singled out.  John took this on as an action item to present to the ACA.

d.  The question was asked if AFCOMAC made any progress in getting the Richard Gauvin Memorial Fund listed in the CFC.  It is listed locally in California but not yet nationally.

e.  John Cecere asked about the status of the SSgt from Seymour-Johnson who had the severe head injury.  It appears our input and pressure helped the troop get the right level of treatment.  Mike Gavin will try to check on this.

f.  The CAF SMMC will now be held 15-19 Jun at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Hampton, VA.

g.  The 2009 Worldwide Ammo Bowl will be held at Wichita Falls, TX over Labor Day weekend.

h.  Phil Kennedy sent in an item about trying to get an Air Force license plate for Virginia.  The group thought this was a good idea and it should be doable with a large quantity of Air Force personnel being stationed in Virginia.  We need to get the details on how this process works.  The group recommended Phil dig into this. 

i.  Phil also asked the group to approach the ACA regarding getting a marble bench dedicated to Ammo at the Air Force Aerospace Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB.  John Cecere took this on as an action item. 

(Post-meeting Note:  John passed the request to Fred and it will be discussed/considered as a revision to the ACA strategic plan.)

j.  Mike Gavin showed the group the proposed hat design with the pisspot in the Chiefs’ stripe.

7.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:42  pm (1542 hours).

i.            Motion to adjourn – Bill McCullough.

ii.            Seconded – John Cecere.

iii.            Unanimously passed and meeting adjourned. 

8.  The group socialized and ate some of the food donated by Mike Gavin (sandwiches, chips, and sodas).  Thank you Mike! 

9.  The next meeting is planned for July 18, 2009 at Langley AFB (on-base site TBD).


Wilbur C. McCullough III

ACAVC Secretary-Treasurer