ACA Mid-Atlantic Chapter 2011 Calendar of Events


ACAMC Calendar of Events


January 4:  Suspense for Richard Gauvin Memorial Fund donation

January 15:  Annual awards notification

January 15:  Annual Reports due to ACA

January 31:  Dues are due to ACA and ACAMC (as applicable)

March 12:  Quarterly meeting (Langley AFB – TBD)

June 18:  Quarterly meeting (Langley AFB – TBD)

September/October:  Quarterly meeting/fall social (Mike Robertson’s house).  Initiate nomination process for Vice President

October 14:  Send out First Term Ammo Troop award request letters

November 1:  Send out requests for “Christmas Ammo Troop in Need” candidates

November 19:  Suspense for First Term Ammo Troop award inputs

December 3 or 10:  Quarterly meeting/Christmas social (Bill McCullough’s house).  Hold election for Vice President.

December 21:  “Christmas Ammo Troop in Need” shopping completed by this date