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First Female Ammo Troop

Muntions Historical Question

Do any of you have some information that can answer the question Martha Gladu posed?

Good morning CMSgt Fuquay,

I am trying to do some research and CMSgt McVicar from the USAF Enlisted Heritage Research Institute suggested I contact you to see if you could possibly assist me. I was recently contacted and asked if I was the first female Ammo troop. I knew that I was one of the first when I went to Lowry AFB in October of 1978, but I don’t believe I was the first to graduate. I am trying to determine who the first woman Ammo troop was so that I can respond to the inquiry with a correct name.

Thank you for any words of wisdom you can offer on where I may be able to find this answer.
Martha J. Gladu, TSgt, NHANG
Munitions Flight Chief

Here are some of the answers we’ve seen so far:

In 1978 while stationed at the 400th we got “one of the first” females (tall lanky gal) who worked in the Line-D shop but have no idea what her name

The person giving the best answer will be sent a free ACA Coffee mug. So send in your answers or post your answer in the comments below.

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