AMMO Chiefs Association, Mid-Atlantic Chapter Annual Report (2015)

The AMMO Chiefs Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter (ACAMC) submits the following 2015 Annual Report to the ACA
for review and filing in historical records:

Our Chapter had another busy year in 2015. We held four meetings during the year followed by social events. Additionally, some of our members participated in two fundraising events at the Richmond International Raceway (RIR) in April and September. We teamed with the Joint Base Langley-Eustis, VA Ammo Morale Team (AMT) at RIR and donated a substantial portion of the proceeds to them to assist with AMT programs. To maximize participation at meetings, we varied our meeting locations to minimize travel for our regional members. This year we held our March meeting at the HQ ACC Munitions Directorate and our June gathering at the 1FW Munitions Flight, Joint Base Langley-Eustis. Our September meeting took place at Captain Billy’s Seafood Restaurant in Newburg, MD, and we finished out the year at Bill McCullough’s house in Fredericksburg, VA for our December meeting. At our June meeting, we did not have a quorum. During the September meeting, only one officer was present. Both meetings were subsequently validated via e-mail communications.

Our main efforts continued to focus on supporting personnel initiatives such as the Ammo Troops-in- Need program during the Christmas holiday season, recognition of Quarterly/Annual Award winners, recognizing Sharp Ammo Troops, taking care of our Ammo family in our area of responsibility, and Holiday Care Packages for the Ammo troops in austere locations. This year we received donations from the ACA, and individual ACAMC members, for the Holiday Care Package program for our Ammo troops stationed in four remote areas of Southwest Asia. Jackie Miller put together packages comprised of over $1,180.00 (including postage) worth of goodies for the Ammo troops. We received “Thank You” e-mails and cards from a couple of the recipients and they were extremely pleased with the packages. We appreciate all of the support we received for this ACAMC program! A special thanks again goes out to Jackie Miller for purchasing and shipping all of the items, as well as receiving a substantial donation of dental hygiene items from his dentist. The Chapter voted to send out care packages in June since the Ammo troops need some morale boosters during that deployment cycle.

2015 was not the healthiest year for our members and families. Frank Waterman is recovering from back surgery and his wife, Pokson, suffered a shoulder injury then got pneumonia. Bill McCullough and Yvonne Watts both had hip issues that took them out of commission for awhile. John Matthews’ daughter, Vicky, had a stroke and John and Myong went to assist her in Florida for a short time. Sharon Jacobsen was sick but seems to be doing much better now.

Nationally, we lost a few Ammo troops this year. The Chapter sent cards and donations to the families of these warriors who headed to the “great bomb dump in the sky.” Their losses are heartfelt throughout the Ammo community.

During the year, our membership increased by 1 to 22 voting members and we still have 4 Associate members. CMSgt David Jamison from Seymour-Johnson AFB, CMSgt Christopher Arnold, stationed at the Pentagon, and John Nye, Air National Guard, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, are our newest members. Stuart “Nik” Nikolas retired and moved to Georgia. Mike Robertson moved to Utah to pursue other work to aid the Ammo effort. Because of Mike’s departure, we needed a new chair for the Awards Committee. Dave Nixon graciously volunteered to step up to the plate! Bobby George PCS’d to Korea but still remains on our books since there is no chapter in his area.

Our fundraising consisted of Chapter dues, coin, hat, and shirt sales, donations from chapter members, the RIR, and a raffle of a White House Christmas ornament ($105.00 raised solely for the Ammo Troops-in-Need program). During the holiday season, we disbursed $755.00 for our Ammo Troops-in-Need program (one Joint Base Langley-Eustis and one Seymour-Johnson AFB, NC recipient).
During the December meeting, we held elections for the offices of Chapter President and Vice President. Jackie Miller was elected President and Yvonne Watts won the spot of Vice President. Our hats off to Eddie Fuquay and “Nik” Nikolas for their outstanding leadership during their tenure as President and Vice President, respectively.

Also at the December meeting, AIC Benjamin D. Latimer from Pope Army Airfield was selected as the “Sharp Ammo Troop” for 2015. A check, certificate, and coin were awarded to him.

As one of Eddie’s and Nik’s last duties, the Chapter Constitution and Bylaws was approved and signed.

Our events calendar for 2016 fills up our plate for the year. We will eagerly attack the challenges that we will face and shall continue to meet, socialize, and accomplish our Chapter goals. The ACAMC stands ready to take care of the troops and keep the Ammo flame burning!

Wilbur C. McCullough III
WILBUR C. MCCULLOUGH III, Secretary/Treasurer
AMMO Chiefs Association, Mid-Atlantic Chapter (ACAMC)

Download a copy here!  2015 ACAMC Annual Report (FINAL)