The Secretary’s Page

29 December 2016

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this page but thought you all had probably already heard enough of my “rhetoric” in the quarterly S&F Newsletters and I do not want to be repetitious.

I won’t be going over the ACA’s activities during the past year; you can read about those and much more elsewhere on this website. However, there are a couple of initiatives I’d like you all to consider over the coming year and beyond.

1.) Expanding ACA Membership. No matter what we (the Board of Directors) say or do it also takes some effort on all of your parts to help get the word out to prospective Members on what the ACA is and what it is we do. If half of you “recruited” just 1 new member in the coming months, we could nearly double our membership along with increasing the $$ in our Treasury. We could then do even more to support the entire AMMO Community or “Fammoly” as it has become known.

So I’m asking all of you to “beat the bushes” a little, talk up the ACA with any and all AMMO troops (especially those in the “Top Three”) you come into contact with at the many individual and Chapter social gatherings, sporting events and fund raisers you attend. The only reason I specify those most eligible senior NCO’s is we do not want to encroach on the newly formed “AMMO Veterans Association” prospective membership base. The AVA is doing so much to make sure all AMMO Troops have a group to identify with. The “Moody Blues,” “Bash at the Beach” and “Monster Bash” social events have shown just how close the AMMO brotherhood is and will always be.

2.) Increase ACA Membership Communication with the BOD. We encourage more direct contact / communication flow between us at any time. None of you have to wait for a direct request for your input such as submitting nominations for election or preparing agenda items for an upcoming ACA business meeting.

If there is something / anything on your mind you would like to bounce off any one of us – – please do not hesitate to do so. I know there are some things the Association has done / is doing / or not doing, you would like to comment on. We can only work on fixing things if you tell us what you feel is broke or at least needs some “tune up.” Change will either never come or take way too long without your input.

That’s my “2 cents worth” for now. I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas and wish you and yours nothing but good health and happiness in the New Year.

Jack  IYAAYAS!!!!