The Secretary’s Page

Hope this finds you all looking forward to the upcoming Holidays. Quite a bit has happened since the last edition. As you know by now this year’s BOD elections have been completed, the results are posted in this edition as well as in the membership notifications I sent out recently by email. I want to thank everyone who participated and again –add my congratulations to the new BOD members and thank the Election Committee for their hard work.

Another big story is the “stand up” of the ACA’s 6th Chapter, the “Desert Mountains Chapter” (ACADMC) in Arizona. Tom Cox, Bill Pennington, Rickey Quattlebaum along with some AMMO Chiefs spread between Tucson and Phoenix got it done! Hats off to all for their efforts, we can look forward to some good things happening in the Grand Canyon State.

Since this will be my last input as Secretary I want to thank everyone who has supported me / us over the last 8 years. I would only ask you all give the new BOD the same or even more so in the coming years. At times the most frustrating part of this job has been not having a larger portion or % of the membership step up when asked to do so whether it’s simply casting a vote or submitting their concerns / comments over what direction the Association is going in. Part of that I know has been my tendency to get impatient at times and come off a bit more caustic than what’s called for. If I’ve offended anyone over the years I’m sorry –but it is what it is.

Finally –and in my opinion, I see the ACA continuing its steady growth in memberships, serving all its members, supporting the AMMO Community / Fammoly and flourishing under its new leadership You and all of yours stay well and be safe out there.

Jack IYAAYAS !!!!