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National Cemetery Administration – Daily Burial Schedule

Recently received this and it was suggested we pass on the info for those who might want the ability to see when and where someone you might know is being buried in a Natl Cemetery.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemetery Administration (NCA) Daily Burial Schedule allows the public to search for the committal service date, time, and cemetery for the scheduled burial of a Veteran, spouse, or other eligible family member.”   National Cemetery Administration – Daily Burial Schedule


Ammo Breakfast Clubs

Ammo Breakfast Clubs
Hill AFB, UT area. POC: Gary Oaks. Meets on the third Saturday of the month at American Legion Post 134, 345 Depot St, Clearfield, UT 84015, starting at 9 a.m.

Nellis AFB, NV area. POC: John Lyons. Facebook groups: AVA BREAKFAST, BASH, & BANQUET WEEKEND Las Vegas, Ammo Veterans Association-Nevada MMS 461-2W0

Langley AFB, VA area. POC: Michael Salinas. Meets the last Saturday of the month at American Legion Post 368, 368 American Legion Dr, Newport News, VA 23608 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Facebook group: ammo breakfast club (langley

Ammo Arizona Chapter. POC: Bret Noe and James Caufield, USAF SMSgt (Ret) Goldsboro, NC Area. POC: Joe Pliler. Meets the second Saturday of the month at Lantern Inn, 2201 Ash Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Facebook group: Goldsboro AMMO Breakfast

The idea of an AMMO Breakfast all started one weekend at one of the Langley AMMO Breakfast. Joe Pliler from Goldsboro had attended this Breakfast and was talking with Jimmy Taylor about how nice it would be to have a Breakfast around home. Jimmy told Joe that he knew a good friend and AMMOTROOP from his time at Myrtle Beach AFB, that lives in Goldsboro. He told Joe to Call John Crocker, he’d be glad to help with getting a Breakfast started. On the way home from Langley, Joe called John and they talked about starting Goldsboro AMMO Breakfast. Joe and John talked for the next couple of weeks planning out logistics and how to get fellow AMMOTROOPS aware of the breakfast. During this time, Jimmy Taylor had put us in contact with Chief David Jamison. We three met at Lantern Inn restaurant, and discussed getting the veteran’s and Active Duty together for fellowship, comradery, sharing experiences and providing assistance for one another when needed. AMMO supporting AMMO!


Chrome and Firefox Phishing Attack

The below information was received from the founder and CEO of Wordfence which is a security plugin used on WordPress sites.

This information is related to Chrome & Firefox browsers.  Please read and share with others.  This has the potential to cause serious problems for those who may inadvertently access one of the malicious sites.

This is an unscheduled public service announcement which we consider urgent and in the interests of the broader online community.

A phishing attack is being discussed in the security community today that allows an attacker to register a domain that appears identical to a known safe domain in the web browser. They can use this domain to launch phishing attacks that trick you into handing over your username and password information.

This attack makes it impossible to tell if you are on a safe site or a malicious site by looking at the location bar in your browser. This affects the current versions of Chrome and Firefox.

We have published a public service announcement that provides a working demonstration using a health care website. We also let you know how to fix the issue if you use Firefox and what to do if you are using Google Chrome.

You can find the full post on our blog…


Mark Maunder

Wordfence Founder & CEO


2016 Moody Blues Ammo Fest aka M*A*S*H

2016 moody ammo mash
2016 Moody Blues Ammo Fest aka M*A*S*H

Ammo troops and families from all over the Eastern United States made the trip to the Forward Operating Location, Jones Pecan Farm of Ray City, Georgia for the Annual Ammo Veterans Association Moody Blues Ammo Day. This year’s theme was our old MASH characters who we all grew up with on the Far East Network and the Armed Forces Network Radar, Klinger, Hawkeye, Hotlips and the gang. Ammo troops from as far away as Michigan, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, South and North Carolina and Virginia merged to celebrate along with the Active Duty Ammo Troops from Moody AFB, Home of the Famous A-10 Hogs, “The Flying Tigers”!

Activity began early on Thursday 29 September with the raising of the Ammo Flag at Ground Zero. Campers began arriving soon afterward in RVs, camping trailers and tents. Motels and Moody Billeting soon began check-ins of more Ammo troops. The smell of burgers, brawts, and hot dogs filled the air as the sound of laughter, greetings and stories got louder! The celebration had begun! Two four ship flyovers of A-10s wooed us late afternoon! Friday saw more and more arrivals as our Ammo Chiefs began appearing. We were honored this year with Chief O’Hern, Chief Zima, Chief Fick, Chief Wilson, Chief Whitten, and many more of Ammo’s Pride! Colonel Hopkins (ALCMs) had a great time with us and was appointed our commander in case there was trouble! Luckily we didn’t have to use him! What a great bunch of Ammo troops from Viet Nam, Cold War, Desert Storm and present day all celebrating what we know best as FAMMOLY.

2016 moody blues ammo mash coin
3rd Annual Moody Blues Reunion Coin

Saturday October 1st, was a super day with well over a hundred Ammo Troops and their families enjoying the camaraderie once again of fammoly. Ammo Brother Joe Santua cooked us up a fine hog along with playing us a few songs. Ammo-Dog, Dave Bressler arrived. We had a wonderful raffle and auction to help raise funds. Ammo Sister Dolly Witt began singing us into the evening where karaoke got the attention of our Moody Ammo Troops. They did a fine job singing several songs that entertained the crowds. What a blessing to be able to recognize and enjoy being around our active duty folks. They are very special to all us, and we praise them for carrying on the Ammo Life. The party lasted throughout the evening.

Sunday brought a few sighs and lots of hugs. Everyone promised to keep in touch and to “Keep the Flame Burning” through social media and of course by telephone. The Ammo Veterans Association wants to thank everyone who participated in this year’s event and invites everyone back for Moody Blues Ammo Day October 7th, 2017!


AMMO troop finds new mission at Warrior Game Trials

Interesting story on Kamee Mayfield. Good to see her progressing and building up her confidence through sports.

A1C Kamee Mayfield laughs and high-fives other wounded warriors at the Air Force Trials
While stationed at Misawa Air Base, Japan, Mayfield, an ammunition specialist, was in the passenger seat of a friend’s car when the driver lost control and crashed.
A1C Kamee Mayfield ties her shoe before the start of volleyball practice at the Air Force Trials for the 2014 Wounded Warrior Games.

The AMMO Family Looses Another Brother – Funeral Arrangements for Billy Thomas

Billy J. Thomas, 31, of Las Vegas, passed away October 26, 2014.

He was born August 1, 1983, to William and Carrie Thomas, in Fallon, NV.

Billy served proudly in the U.S. Air Force.  He was a wonderful and devoted husband, father, son, brother and friend.  His wife and children were everything to him.  He was a hard worker and always tried to make everyone laugh.  Billy was a proud AMMO troop and he loved his job and all the people he worked with.

Billy is survived by his beloved wife, Rebecca; daughter, Sarah, age 7; son, Noah, age 4; sister, Kristen; parents, Carrie and William; in-laws Herman and Romelia; many family members and countless friends.

He will be dearly missed by all those who met him and got to know him.  “Till we meet again my love.  I will love you forever and beyond.”

Services will be 3- 4pm Sunday, November 2, 2014, at Palm Northwest Mortuary 6701 North Jones Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89131.

The Online Guest Book is located at this link.