Midwest Chapter’s Annual Report

Here is the 2014 Midwest Chapter’s Annual Report.

– Re-elected Gary Knighton as the Chapter Secretary/Treasurer
– Held several luncheons throughout the year
– Held one formal meetings during the year (the summer meeting was
planned but got cancelled)
– Sponsored a hole for the WP Chief Group’s Golf Tournaments
– supported the Little Angels Fundraiser event
– Acknowledged the 4 AFMC’s Outstanding Munitions Performers for 2013

Members in good standing:
– Mark Gossett – President
– Don Myers – Vice President
– Gary Knighton – Secretary/Treasurer
– Harvey Ridenoure
– Billie Campbell
– Kevin Haldeman

Our ending account balance for 2014 is “available upon request”.

Projected 2014 activities:
– Hold several luncheons
– Hold Two membership meetings
– Support the AFMC’s 2014 Outstanding Munitions Performers
– Support the WP AFB Chiefs Group Golf Tournament
– Hold President elections

Have a great New Year.


Mark ‘Goose’ Gossett


Membership Page Update

The New Year is well upon us!

With the start of a new year, all dues should be paid.  Here is the list of current members.  If anyone does not see their name, it is probably because their dues are not current.


If that is not the case, You concern will require the expertise of either The Treasurer  (Mike Roylance),  or the Secretary (Jack Seaman).  Contact one of them,  and they should be able to help!



AFCOMAC reaches a milestone!

Almost every AMMO troop since the late 80s has been to AFCOMAC at least once.

In December, The Air Force Combat Ammunitions Center celebrated the graduation of its 15,000 student.

The AFCOMAC Schoolhouse recognized Staff Sgt. Olivia Tipton, a student from the 509th Munitions Squadron, Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo., as the 15,000th student to graduate from the program.


To the Schoolhouse we say “Well Done!”

To SSgt Tipton, we say “Congratulations!”

and to Everyone we say

If You Aint AMMO, You Aint Shit!”

Keep the Flame Burning.


To see the article from Beale AFB here is the Link.



192nd FW promotes “1st” AMMO Chief

The 192nd FW, like most units in the Air National Guard never had a billet to support a Chief in the Munitions Storage Area.  In the past the Munitions manning document would only support a SMSgt to manage the element.   In November the unit changed that status, and promoted SMSgt John Nye to Chief.

The ACA would like to welcome and congratulate him on this accomplishment.

John is AMMO all the way!

We look forward to seeing him at meetings soon!Chief Nye